AT 16. AUGUST 2021! Poké (Mo. - Fr. 11:30h-13:30h)

Organic (Bio) & Fairtrade

Whenever possible, our products are certified Organic (Bio) and Fairtrade.


Local Sustainability

We focus on regionality and cooperation with people and suppliers from the area so that our products have the shortest possible route. Salmon from Graubünden and tofu from Basel-City.



Our packaging is fully supportive to sustainable products, such as renewable and recycled raw materials. It is made of FSC cardboard, which is obtained from wood from certified sustainable forestry and are refined with a vegetable coating.


Your Hostess

You will also find competence and quality behind the counter. Our Chéf Delia, will wholeheartedly put together your Poké Bowl according to your wishes. Fancy a Poké Bowl? Come to us and let us convince you.


Your Poké made of 30 BIO-Organic ingredients


Swiss Alpine Salmon 80g (CH)

CHF 23.-

(Double it CHF 8.- / 80g)


Basler Organic Tofu 85g

CHF 16.-

(Double it CHF 4.- / 85g)


Organic Falafel 6 pcs

CHF 18.-

(Double it CHF 6.- / 6 pcs)


Chicken (CH) Curryballs 5 pcs

CHF 18.-

(Double it CHF 6.- / 5 pcs)


Organic Long grain rice (Fairtrade)




Organic (Fairtrade) Rice mixed with Quinoa, Lentils, Wild beans, Long grain rice




Sweet potato noodles

Super Foods (5 incl)

- BIO Goji Berries (unsulfured)

- Raspberries, freeze-dried

- BIO Cashew nuts (Fairtrade)

- BIO Tree nuts (Fairtrade)

- BIO Brazil nuts (Fairtrade)

- BIO Beetroot sticks

- BIO Carrot strips

- BIO Cucumber slices

- BIO Dried Figs

- BIO Cherry Tomatoes

- Pickled Ginger

- BIO Desiccated coconut

- Mango (Fairtrade)

- BIO Chia seeds

- BIO Hemp seeds

- BIO Sweet corn

- BIO Avocado

- Edamame (soybeans)

- BIO Spinach

- BIO Feta

- BIO Kiwi

Sauce (Homemade)

Avocado-Yoghourt Dressing

(Gluten free)


Herbs BIO Vinaigrette

(Vegan, Lactose/ Gluten free)


Soja-Sesame Dressing

(Lactose/ Gluten free)


Honey-Mustard Dressing

Lactose/ Gluten free, Honey is BIO and Fairtrade)



(Gluten free)

Studenten Menü


Fresh - Healthy - Organic

These are our two daily student Poké Bowls.

Only for CHF 11.- including water


Sauce of your choice.


Enjoy 💕





Swiss Alpine Salmon

Gourmet salmon without antibiotics, chemicals, microplastics and, even more, from Graubünden.


Probably the most sustainable salmon in the most modern fish farm ever.

This is what Kassensturz (Nr 1.) mean.

Tofu Tuyu

Tofu from Basel? Yes!

Made from organic soybeans and ingredients exclusively from beautiful Switzerland.


Long grain rice

In the fertile regions at the foot of the Himalayas, smallholder family farms still cultivate the rice fields mostly by hand. They protect the soil and water quality in a natural way through organic cultivation.



Max Havelaar enables small farm holders and plantation workers in developing countries a better income and fair working conditions.



Also order from and UberEATS through YAM YAM - Asian Eatery.